Suga BTS trending sensitive keywords because…doing nothing

ARMYs can’t wait for BTS Suga’s new move!

BTS’s “Chapter 2” is going extremely hot with the members racing to show off their skin and reveal their friendship tattoos.

Six of the seven members revealed the location of their friend’s “number 7” tattoo. Leader RM opened with a tattoo on his ankle. Jungkook tattooed behind his ear, Jimin on his finger, J-Hope on his calf, V on his arm and Jin on his waist.
So the only one remaining silent is Suga! However, V revealed that Suga was the one who came up with the idea for his friend’s tattoo!

So, a series of hashtags related to Suga are trending online, just because the guy … does nothing!

In it, there is a “sensitive” tag called “No More Clothes” with tons of funny pictures and comments from ARMY:

It’s like commenting “Yoongi marry me” when Suga doesn’t even livestream

This is Suga waiting for the opportunity to reveal his friend’s tattoo

Lots of pressure on baby Min Yoongi after the topless photo showing off Jin’s tattoo. Just take it slow (remember to follow the trend of No More Clothes!)

Min Yoongi, please, for god’s sake! You should always wear a scarf that covers your body. You are the rest of our family’s beliefs. We believe you!

Min Yoongi, we trust you!

To Namjoon, Yoongi, Hoseok. It’s your turn! Don’t lose to the vocals. Chapter 2 No More Clothes. BTS – Burn Those Shirts!

No More Dream becomes No More Clothes (except Min Yoongi thank goodness)

But hey, Suga enjoyed talking about the topless scene!

“If you sit idle, you will get bullets”, this sentence was born for Suga!


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