Surprised that Cardi B’s bias in BTS is this member

Can anyone guess who is Cardi B’s bias? And will there be cooperation in the near future?

It’s no secret that hit American rapper Cardi B is a huge fan of BTS!

Cardi B first met BTS at the 2019 Billboard Awards, where she immediately understood why BTS is so popular and why so many people are obsessed with the boys.

Cardi’s daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus, is also an ARMY, and Cardi once expressed hope to have BTS’s autograph. Cardi also shared a series of clips of her daughter listening to BTS!

Cardi expressed his love for BTS many times. Although she didn’t understand their music at first, she took the time to learn about the messages in BTS’ songs.
“I like BTS music, but I can barely understand the lyrics. Luckily there are translators, oh, I love them. I love to learn about many cultures, different people, especially because they look up to us, support us, so we support them too.” – Cardi
Many ARMYs wonder who Cardi’s bias is and now they have the answer!
On the Twitter Q&A, the female rapper answered various questions. When a fan asked who her bias in BTS is, Cardi B posted a picture instead of saying something. And that’s Jimin!

Everyone was amused and surprised by this answer:
– Definitely a hint for the upcoming collaboration! Jimin’s soaring cocoa voice blends in with Cardi’s stocky rapping! Heaven!

-But I thought Cardi’s style was cool guys like raplines.
Who doesn’t love Jimin?
All people want to know now is: When will the Carid B x Jimin collaboration happen?

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