The case of BTS being included in the K-Drama ‘Tomorrow’ death book, netizens continue to react violently

The production team of the MBC drama Tomorrow has responded to allegations that they intentionally used the birthdays of the BTS members in the “Death Book”.

The controversy stemmed from the 7th episode of the series, which was broadcast on April 22.

BTS, BTS bị đưa vào sổ tử của Tomorrow, Jungkook, V BTS, Jin, Jimin, Suga
Poster for the movie “Tomorrow”

In the episode, a character is seen writing names in the “Registry Of The Entering Dead”, which can be assumed that the names written in the registry are those of the deceased.
Netizens took issue with the fact that the movie had written down the names and birthdays of the BTS members in the registry.
One netizen flagged up allusions to BTS, with the first line showing BTS’s name and birthday Kim Taehyung and the second showing Jungkook’s date of birth.

Specifically, ‘List of souls in and out’:

– Kim Tae Hyung/birthdate December 30, 1971
– Kim Yu Rim/born September 1, 1997′

The cause of death for both was murder’.

I don’t know if it was accidental, negligent or intentional, but this action of the Tomorrow crew made BTS fans extremely angry and asked MBC to issue an official apology. Korean netizens are also extremely dissatisfied with the incident.

BTS, BTS bị đưa vào sổ tử của Tomorrow, Jungkook, V BTS, Jin, Jimin, Suga
Image alluding to BTS in the movie “Tomorrow”

On May 17, a representative of the film spoke out and responded to the controversy. According to the representative, these numbers are just a coincidence and the film is not meant to belittle the BTS members.
“They are merely a combination of numbers, and there is no other intention behind them” – Representative K-Drama Tomorrow.
Many netizens did not accept the representative’s explanation. They commented on the movie’s official website and wrote, “Do you think using the two BTS members’ names and birthdays is a coincidence?”.
“We need an explanation and a formal apology” and “This is ridiculous and deeply disturbing.”
“Please re-shoot the scene with the names and birthdates of the production staff.”
“Please delete the scene”.

“Don’t say it’s a coincidence. Stop making excuses that don’t make sense anymore.”
“Seeing your excuse makes no sense, it must have been intentional.”
“How dare you say that BTS members were murdered? Sorry”.
“It doesn’t make any sense to say it’s not intentional.”
“Not sure if it was done intentionally, but I don’t want to see this scene again”
“Explanation and apology”.
“Sorry for using the members’ names and birthdays maliciously.”
“It seems intentional and malicious. Please clear the scene, apologize and punish everyone involved. Please show us your quick handling of this situation.”

BTS, BTS bị đưa vào sổ tử của Tomorrow, Jungkook, V BTS, Jin, Jimin, Suga
Netizens’ reaction

“What is your intention?”.
“There’s no way this is a coincidence.”
Also worrisome is that this incident appears to be another act of passive aggression by MBC against BTS, HYBE, and its groups.



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