The President of the Korea Singers Association supports BTS’ exemption from military service

On June 22, President of the Korea Singers Association (KSA) Lee Ja Yeon released an official press statement addressed to fans, BTS, and HYBE Labels.

Lee Ja Yeon said, “I fear the wave of Hallyu culture, the most influential thing in Korean history that BTS is carrying, will disappear. It is not easy to have a second legend like The Beatles, It’s also hard to expect a 2nd BTS. So I’m afraid the Hallyu wave will stall. I know this is a tough decision, but can we rethink everything for the sake of the industry. Korean music industry or not?”.

Ms. Lee Ja Yeon added, “The decision to publish this statement was not an easy one. Please, BTS can reconsider a group’s decision to suspend activities for the future of the music industry. Korean music?
If BTS disappears, ARMY – who brought the Hallyu wave around the world will also disappear. We can’t expect a cultural powerhouse like it is now.”
She urged: “Let’s consider the exceptions in the military service law (NVQS) on sports and popular culture and art. I hope the National Assembly and the Government will pay close attention to the explosion of military service. Hallyu wave and help it continue to spread by actively considering amending the NVQS law so that BTS can continue to operate.

In addition, KSA also held a public discussion on BTS’s NVQS issue in 2019. Many popular singers agreed with the above opinion and opposed BTS’s hiatus.
Earlier this month, shortly after the release of BTS’s compilation album Proof, Big Hit Music (subsidiary of HYBE Labels) announced that the group would be “starting a new chapter, which will focus on solo activities in the future.” present moment”.

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