The reason Suga (BTS)’s inspirational speech at the White House caused a storm

At the press conference at the White House, among the BTS members, Suga made an impression with an emotional speech, calling for human tolerance towards each other.

Suga’s speech (BTS) was shared throughout social networks. Photo: AFP.

International media reported that on May 31, BTS came to the White House at the invitation of US President Joe Biden. 7 members of a popular Korean group met and had a conversation with Mr. Biden about issues related to hate and discrimination against Asians.

Notably, before meeting the US President, BTS had a short press conference at the White House, with the presence of about 100 international reporters. The live-streamed meeting attracted 300,000 followers.

Each BTS member stood up to raise their personal views on the issue of eliminating discrimination and inequality. Among the members, Suga’s speech caused a storm on social networks.

Suga and BTS members entered the press conference room at the White House. Photo: AFP.

Suga said: “There’s nothing wrong with the difference. Equality comes from the fact that we open our hearts and dare to admit our differences and those around us”.

Only a few short sentences, but Suga’s speech in front of American media was widely shared by the audience, especially ARMY (BTS’s fandom).

Many comments and views of Suga have depth with selective language, highlighting the heart of the message about eliminating discrimination and inequality globally.

7 BTS members impressed the global audience. Photo: AFP.

In BTS, Suga plays the role of rapper, but he is also known as a talented musician and music producer. Suga used to produce music for BTS and many other artists such as IU, Suran, Epik High, Heize, etc.

Most recently, he collaborated with “psychopath” PSY on the song “That That”, and also became a guest appearance with PSY in the MV.

“That That” swept music charts in Korea and entered many prestigious international music charts like Billboard. Currently, the song’s MV has attracted 198 million views on YouTube.

Suga participated in composing and producing music for PSY’s song “That That”. Photo: Big Hit.

Few people know, in order to have the success like today, Suga experienced many difficulties on the journey to pursue his passion for music.

Being opposed by his family to become an idol, Suga had to live on his own, learn on his own, learn how to play MIDI and develop his ability to compose and rap since he was 13 years old.

After becoming a trainee of Big Hit, Suga both practiced hard and worked a part-time job to earn extra income. But he suddenly got into a car accident and thought about giving up on his dream.

In the end, thanks to the help of “boss” Bang Si Hyuk, Suga successfully became a piece of BTS. The group debuted as a 7-member lineup with their debut single in 2013.

Suga in a series of concept photos for the upcoming album “Proof”. Photo: Big Hit.

Upcoming, on June 10, BTS will release the album “Proof”, marking the 9-year journey, and opening a new chapter for the development of a “global group”.

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