The reason why BTS Jimin is called an angel

Known as a guy with a sweet heart, Jimin always takes special care of his group members and fans.

Here are the times when Jimin seems to be proving himself to be an “angel”.

1. Visiting the children at the orphanage
The surprise visit is like a “warm” gift for children who suffer from the lack of parental care and affection with a short performance in the choreography of the song “RUN”.

Previously, he had visited another orphanage with the members of the group, but this appearance became even more special when it was done during BTS’s vacation.
2. Subtle in choosing compliments
On the show Hello Counselor, a young girl went through a very difficult time when her eyes were not very pretty, but wearing those glasses made her feel a lot better. Jimin’s next reaction is what makes this young girl’s heart sob.

“I think she has very beautiful eyes. Unfortunately I can’t see them just because the glasses cover some of it” – Jimin said.

3. Family is number 1
On Hello Counselor, where Jimin did not skimp on sweet and sincere compliments, at the same time, we also saw a rather serious side of the young man.
Thinking that he would have the same opinion as everyone else, Jimin, on the other hand, seemed quite annoyed by the story of the guy saying that he always paid more attention to stuffed animals than to his sister. In the end, Jimin gave some advice with the hope that he would consider and properly reflect on his own attitude.

“I think it’s a worry. If you think tearing a stuffed animal is more important than hurting your sister, then I think it’s really a big deal. I hope you reflect on this”. – shared Jimin.
4. Take care of your teammates little by little
Jimin always cares about the health and happiness of his beloved members. For Jimin, their safety is always the top priority.

5. Full of energy for the members
The moment of silence when V burst into tears in the tight embrace of his “best friend”, as a way to relieve some of the “wretched” pain that the youngest member of the Bangtan family has had to suppress for so long. just hiccup into words.

6. Always be humble and grateful to everyone
Jimin almost never hesitates to send compliments to his “dear brothers”.

“I’m really grateful to him for always knowing how to create a great atmosphere and he’s also kind. I’ll count on you in the future.”
7. The guy with a warm smile
Jimin is an idol who has a bright smile and is extremely holy.


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