The reason why BTS Jimin is considered the ‘hero of the lonely era’

There have been a series of articles and articles focusing on Jimin’s charming and artistic personality, praising him as a singer and performer.

Recently, Big Issue Korea magazine dedicated a column about Jimin in issue 2275 – the latest issue.

BTS, Jimin, Jimin BTS được ví là người hùng của thời đại cô đơn, Jungkook, Tin bts

This article has highlighted Jimin’s stage presence, personality and kindness, calling him “the hero of the lonely era”.
The article begins with a writer admitting to being mesmerized by Jimin when his or her eyes are fixed on the idol because of the way Jimin’s gentle but penetrating gaze makes people nervous, his face, Jimin’s pure innocence and the way Jimin’s body is shaped by challenging limits is hard to believe.
It’s interesting how all these things combine differently in Jimin’s live frame to create new emotions and arouse new curiosity.

BTS, Jimin, Jimin BTS được ví là người hùng của thời đại cô đơn, Jungkook, Tin bts

No one can escape Jimin’s cuteness, and the writer corroborated this in the article, talking about wanting to kiss Jimin’s cheeks lovingly, put them in his pocket or even run away to the end. world because Jimin is too cute in their eyes.
Writers often feel the destructive power of Jimin’s cuteness, from the way he smiles with a “cute” face that tickles the heart like candy then explodes inside with grandeur and magnificence.
The article also describes Jimin’s gift of kindness as handwriting on a notebook written so strongly that the text is imprinted on the next page.
Or the fact that Jimin puts cream on his face as a punishment for the game and laughs saying “my face is wet”.
When BTS received the award, Jimin gave all the glory to the fans, saying, “Our ARMY received an award.”

BTS, Jimin, Jimin BTS được ví là người hùng của thời đại cô đơn, Jungkook, Tin bts

Member RM once said that Jimin is selfless and has a talent for caring for others. It is because Jimin values ​​relationships with others and listens to all conversations while remaining humble.
Park Jimin, whose name is reminiscent of wisdom, has always displayed the knowledge and maturity he learned through love.

Jimin is the one who gives the writer confidence that even if they make the least interesting joke in the world, he will discover the truth and meaning of it and end up laughing his ass off.
The pandemic has limited BTS’s activities. However, one of the reasons why BTS became so popular is Jimin’s kindness.
In an era where loneliness is known as a social disease, Jimin’s love is what takes care and comforts the isolated people in their lives and the author appreciated this by way to add that because of Jimin’s great personality, they always want to be with their idol and always miss him.

Indeed, Jimin is not only an idol who delivers captivating performances with his whole being, but he lives up to his values ​​and inspires many people.


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