The reason why fans don’t stop ‘stan’ BTS

On May 30, a post about BTS gained a lot of attention online. Originally titled “Why You Can’t Stop Admiring BTS”.

The post shared a screenshot from a streamer saying, “I searched all the other idols as well. But they don’t give me the same vibes as BTS.”

Many fans later agreed with the post: “I know what she’s talking about. There’s just something inexplicable about the boys of BTS.”
“I guess it also applies to other fandoms but as BTS ARMY, I totally agree.”

“I have goosebumps because this is exactly how I feel. I can’t put it into words.”
“It is not surprising that there are many accounts ‘exploiting’ BTS. Just like ex-lovers, they don’t like BTS but there isn’t any other group like BTS.”
“I know I can’t say BTS is the best of the best but I like them for their distinct style. Their stage performances also come to life.”

“Their energy is simply unbeatable. I can feel it on the screen.”

“I still come back to BTS even after stanning other groups.”
Do you agree?


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