The reason why there are no photos of Jin BTS at the J-Hope party makes fans laugh

Recently, BTS’ J-Hope held a pre-listening party for the Jack In The Box album with many famous guests of the K-pop entertainment industry, including members of BTS.

From legendary hip-hop artists like Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae… Until veteran actress and idol Uhm Jung Hwa or Bigbang’s Taeyang…

Of course, among the attendees were the 5 BTS members of J-Hope, Jungkook, Jimin, V, RM, and Jin.

Suga’s attendance has not been confirmed, but fans believe they may have spotted him in a photo from the event.

Another member of BTS that is more difficult to spot in the crowd is Jin.
Jin took to Weverse to confirm he was in attendance, responding to a post by one lucky fan.

Fan: “J-Hope why didn’t you invite me over. I can go and clean up, so please send me an invitation”.
Jin: “I also went to listen to all the songs and read the webtoon in the corner so there was no picture of me.”
Another fan immediately expressed disbelief that Jin would be in the corner of the party reading the webtoon but Jin assured them it was true.

Fan: “How can a superstar read a webtoon at a party?”.
Jin: “No, I really only knew Bang PD and Pdogg so I hid at the party”.
Jin’s hilarious honest answer shows his introversion, it’s hard to socialize at a party, even if you’re a worldwide superstar like Jin.
To prove that he attended, Jin posted 2 photos of himself on Instagram in front of the Jack In The Box photo wall.


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