The relevance of the game ‘BTS Island: In The SEOM’ only ARMY can understand

BTS’s new mobile game is definitely loved by many ARMYs!

BTS’ self-designed mobile game called BTS Island: In the SEOM finally launched on June 28. And it contains a lot of allusions and inside jokes that only BTS and ARMY can understand.

So, here are the game related points that ARMYs need to see.
1. Famous quote: “Do you know BTS?”

2. Suga’s nickname “Yoongles”

3. RM .’s iconic dance moves

4. V takes care of Suga

5. J-Hope and Jungkook’s infamous “banana fight”

6. This Healthy Bon Voyage Moment

7. Fishing friends

8. “Rrrrrrrrap Monster!”

9. BTS put their heads together

10. BTS in the Jacuzzi!

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