The reporter’s attitude of calling BTS when he went to ‘Music Bank’ caused a storm on the internet

On June 10, BTS released their much-anticipated Proof anthology album. The group also released an emotional MV for the title song Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment).

BTS has officially returned to the excitement of many people.

As if it couldn’t be more exciting, BTS has also returned to music shows for the first time in more than two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
The group’s last appearance was ON at Inkigayo on March 8, 2020, before the pandemic forced them to cancel live performances for a long time.

It is known that BTS will be promoting the title track of their album, Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment) and For Youth on a number of different music shows.

So far, 3 concerts have been announced: M Countdown on June 16, Music Bank on June 17, and Inkigayo on June 19.
Another new BTS song, Run BTS, was banned, as it was deemed “unfit for broadcast”.

Therefore, BTS’s new album and MV are not only released on June 10. The boys also recorded for KBS’s Music Bank.
While ARMYs are excited about the album’s release, many are eager to see the BTS members before their music show taping. Therefore, many people wanted to come to the place to greet their idols.

RM when going to “Music Bank”

And, of course, many reporters were also present. So a lot of photos were taken of BTS.

Jin on his way to “Music Bank”

There are a lot of candid shots, but a lot of them are model-like as the guys often try to pose for the photographers even when they’re on the move.

Of course, fans were stunned with their “visual”.

However, many reporters stress about getting that perfect shot. So they call their idols by their first names, hoping to get the boys’ attention so they can look in the direction of the camera.

However, a reporter is “storming” on Twitter due to the way he calls out the BTS members’ names when they go to Music Bank.

It doesn’t sound like the usual paparazzi but more like a true ARMY, hoping to capture their attention.

In the clip of the members entering the building, a man can be heard calling each member by their first name, including their real names, not their stage names.
However, this reporter also added honorifics at the end. For example, for V and Jungkook, he calls them “Jungkook-shi” and “Taehyung-shi” respectively.

Shi (씨) is added to show respect, like referring to someone as Mr. Kim or Mrs. Kim.
On the other hand, ah (아), although still an honorific, is more friendly and can be used towards younger people.

This reporter not only uses honorifics when calling the members, but he can also hear his voice tense like a true fanboy, especially in the case when calling the maknae group. ARMYs noticed that too.
ARMYs couldn’t help but sympathize with the reporter in question. Many fans will also scream if they see BTS with their own eyes.
And of course, this is not the first time nor the last time that BTS’ maknaes caught reporters being “overwhelmed” with the boys’ “visual”.

V BTS at the VIP screening of the movie “Broker”

At the recent premiere of Broker with the participation of his friend V – actor Kang Dong Won – a reporter could not stop whispering about the BTS member.



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