The true personalities of the 3 BTS maknaes are clearly revealed through their actions at the White House

Referring to BTS, although extremely talented and handsome, the group is always praised for their charming and humble personality.

Whether attending a big event, performing on stage, or just spending time hanging out, the members always attract attention with their impeccable manners.

Recently, the 3 members of BTS especially caught the attention of netizens when revealing their true personalities, and it is none other than Jimin, V and Jungkook, known as the maknae line.
They may be the youngest, but they shined.

BTS recently “stormed” when traveling to the US to meet President Joe Biden at the White House to discuss the topic of hate against people of Asian descent.
As expected, they delivered speeches outlining how important the topic was and their hopes and wishes for the future.

Even though the members all shine, the youngest boys seem to particularly capture ARMY’s attention by behaving through their actions.
Referring to member Jimin, the male idol immediately attracted the attention of the media as soon as he stepped on the stage.
However, it was Jimin’s actions when leaving the stage that really caught the attention of netizens.

When Jimin left the stage, the idol bowed to the press on his way out but it was commendable that he put an arm around his body before bowing.
To many, it shows respect and depicts how humble Jimin is when given the chance.
During the speech, V always made sure to say how humbled he felt about the experience.

In the past, V used to put his hand on his chest when thanking or appreciating something.
Both during his speech and after V finished his speech, ARMYs noticed that he was still making that gesture.

Although Jungkook is the youngest member of BTS, he is always praised for his golden personality.
Right from the moment he arrived at Incheon Airport to go to the US, he has continuously expressed respect to the media and ARMY, who have come to wish him well.

Similarly at the White House, Jungkook always shows his respect when he meets President Joe Biden.
Jungkook always attracts attention when he bows to everyone and this is no exception. As the idols were on their way to meet Mr. Biden, Jungkook was seen repeatedly bowing as they passed across the lawn.

During the speech, when the members were giving their speeches, Jungkook always made sure 100% of his attention was on the group and the fans couldn’t be more proud.

Once again, BTS has proven how humble they are as idols, even though they already have global popularity and popularity.
It’s no surprise that netizens love them so much because they’re still the same incredibly humble boys they were when they debuted in 2013.


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