The truth about rumors: The leader of BTS gets married??

The infamous YouTube channel Sojang has brought another shocking news.

On June 23, YouTube channel about celebrity Sojang announced that BTS’s leader RM will soon get married. According to this channel, it has been reported that RM’s alleged bride has told a close acquaintance that she will marry the leader of BTS.

According to the online community post, one netizen shared that they had “heard something absurd from an acquaintance of theirs”. Netizens explained that the acquaintance has a friend who claims to be getting married to RM. The online community post also included a snapshot of a KakaoTalk conversation where the friend was telling an acquaintance that she was getting married to RM.

According to Sojang, RM’s rumored bride is a fan of BTS and met RM at a fan meeting she attended since 2014. Also, the bride is said to be the daughter of a family. wealthy and graduated from a prestigious university, belonging to the Ivy League (Ivy League).

The KakaoTalk conversation reveals that the bride is said to have texted you, saying that she is getting married and that the groom is RM. Although many netizens doubted the rumor because it was based solely on one person’s KakaoTalk conversation, there were a small number of netizens who suggested that the rumor could be true because of previous marriage rumors between Seo and Seo. Taiji and actress Lee Ji Ah have been proven to be real, also by this community.

Previously, Sojang also revealed about Seo Taiji’s marriage. No one believed that Seo Taiji was married when the news was shared on this online community, but it was later proven to be true.

However, on June 24, BigHit Music’s representative confirmed to the media that this is an unfounded rumor: “RM once directly denied dating rumors with this girl. We are currently taking legal action against the YouTube channel that spread that malicious rumor.”

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