The truth about the dating rumors of Rosé (BLACKPINK) and J-Hope (BTS)

The dating rumor that has arisen between Rosé (BLACKPINK) and J-Hope (BTS) is causing a stir in public opinion.

The dating rumors of Rosé (BLACKPINK) and J-Hope (BTS) are causing a stir
Rumors stemmed from photos of Rosé and J-Hope at the same restaurant

The rumor originated from the private photos taken with Rosé and J-Hope on the Instagram story of Korean-French chef – Pierre Sang. This sparked rumors that Rosé and J-Hope were secretly dating at this restaurant.

In fact, many K-pop idols also attended chef Pierre Sang’s event that day

However, in reality, there were many other K-pop idols such as Nayeon (TWICE), Jisoo and Lisa (BLACKPINK), Jeon Somi, NCT… were also present at chef Pierre Sang’s event that day, not chef Pierre Sang. especially Rosé and J-Hope and the nail polish is just a coincidence.

Korean netizens have left many comments before this fact:
– “J-Hope did his nails like that to shoot the MV”
– “There are even other rumors pairing Rosé with Jungkook. What’s going on?”
– “Looks like everyone is trying to connect BLACKPINK with BTS”
– “This rumor is ridiculous”

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