Tired of laughing at the reaction of the youngest Jungkook when he was treated ‘indecently’ by Jin

When it comes to K-Pop groups, each member has a role to play, and the group is like a small family.

BTS is no different and is always compared to a group of brothers. In each family, the youngest brother is usually the “ruler” of the family. For BTS’s maknae Jungkook, it’s no different.

And there is one person that Jungkook especially likes to have fun with is Jin, the oldest member of the group. These two guys have always shown how close they are to each other.

BTS recently gained attention after participating in their first music show pre-recording.
As expected, the members look amazing. Jin and Jungkook are no exception.

Jin on his way to “Music Bank”

After recording, they surprised ARMY with the live broadcast and it was chaotic from start to finish.

BTS’ Jungkook on his way to “Music Bank”

A special moment stands between Jin and Jungkook. The youngest member of the group was talking to the rest of the members when Jin suddenly decided to try licking his “maknae’s” hand.

The reason Jin acted like that was because Jungkook said, “I feel alive again” but the literal translation of the phrase is “I have a taste of flesh”.

It’s no surprise that both Jungkook and the members who saw it had the funniest reactions.

Jungkook then looked at Jin like he was going crazy, adding, “Ah, really. Surely why say so? ”
Then, Jungkook grabbed Jin’s arm as if to pull him away and scolded him for trying to lick his hand. Jungkook called to Jin: “Hyung, come out with me for a bit…”.

Of course, it wasn’t really that serious and Jungkook quickly sat down with Jin.
Of course, the members couldn’t help but laugh at the “lazy habit” between the oldest and youngest members of the group.

As expected, when the clip was shared, netizens talked a lot when watching.
However, this is not the first time the roles have been reversed and Jungkook always takes the opportunity to tease the eldest.

I wonder if Jungkook called Jin because he took his phone while filming…

Or call the eldest brother to get the camera’s attention, Jungkook always likes to joke with Jin.

As expected, although the members love to tease each other, it shows just how close they are, especially when it comes to the youngest and oldest members of BTS.

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