Tom Cruise’s peak acting career and huge income from blockbuster movies made everyone gasp because the number was so large

After more than 5 months of release, Top Gun Maverick has reached the $ 1 billion milestone, marking a new revenue record in the career of actor Tom Cruise. Surely everyone is wondering how much “Uncle Tom” received from the Hollywood blockbusters that have participated, let’s take a look at The Rope Walker.

Not only Tom Cruise, but the income of Hollywood stars has long been a figure that has attracted everyone’s attention. As far as I can gather, an actor’s income with a movie not only comes from the remuneration they receive after filming for their acting, but can also come from a profit rate based on box office sales. after the movie was released.

1/ Top Gun: Maverick (100 – 200 million USD)

As mentioned above, The Rope Walker finds that Top Gun Maverick is not only the highest-grossing film ever at the box office, but also marks Tom Cruise’s biggest paycheck to date. This is also understandable when Uncle Tom’s name has brought about the corresponding media effect.

Not only received an acting fee of 13 million USD, but The Rope Walker found that Tom Cruise also acted as a producer of Top Gun, so he was also shared by Paramount about 10% of the premiere revenue. of the movie. So with a revenue of 1 billion USD up to now, Tom Cruise will receive 100 – 200 million USD.

Top Gun Maverick marks the return of the cult movie franchise that started Tom Cruise’s career in 1986. In the film, he plays Colonel Pete Maverick Mitchell but has become seasoned and experienced. better after past challenges.

2 / War Of The World – $100 million

The next name on Cruise’s list of great money can be mentioned is War Of The World. This is a science fiction film by the famous director Steven Spielberg. The screenplay is based on the novel of the same name by H. G. Wells.

The character Ray Ferrier played by Tom Cruise is a single father who has to take care of two young children, Rachel and Robbie. When the alien race comes to rule the Earth, Ray must do everything to fight the evil people to bring the two children to safety.

Tom Cruise’s income in the World War this time does not come from the acting salary but from the profit from the revenue of 100 million USD. Previously, Tom had refused to accept salary on set to reach this agreement with the studio.

3/ Mission Impossible II – $75 million

Mission: Impossible II can be said to be the most profitable movie for Tom Cruise in the entire journey of the Mission Impossible series with a figure of up to $ 75 million. The money that Tom Cruise received from the film this time also mostly comes from the revenue profit agreed with the studio.

The story of Mission Impossible II revolves around the journey to find and make a poison called Chimera fly by Ethan Hunt from the IMF. The chemical reaction between the guy Ethan Hunt and the girl Nyah also made many people shiver for a while.

This is also the part that marks the transition from the plot revolved around only the factions of the first part of the franchise to romantic action to suit popular tastes. Under the kneading hands of director Ngo Vu Sam, Mission Impossible II became a more successful film than the first.

4/ Mission Impossible III – $75 million

Although Mission: Impossibility III is considered to have the worst revenue of the entire series, but gives Tom Cruise an income similar to part II of $ 75 million, and no different from the previous part, the number This money also mostly comes from being a producer for the movie.

At this time, the spy Ethan Hunt decided to “go back to his hometown, raise fish and grow more vegetables”. He established a family with his beautiful wife Julia. However, if you don’t want peace, you will be at peace, Ethan must continue to use martial arts when his wife is approached by evil forces.

The image of Ethan Hunt in the hands of J. J. Abrams has become more emotional and brave than ever. A series of segments rolling in the jungle, rolling and knocking down all kinds of weapons have become Tom Cruise’s trademark from here.

5/ Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol – $70 million

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol can be said to be the movie that was born as a breath of fresh air for the Impossible brand, which is about to enter a state of saturation. The film is directed by Brad Bird. Former director J. J. Abrams stepped down as producer.

The film earned a huge profit of 694 million USD, nearly 5 times higher than the 145 million USD budget. In that revenue, Tom Cruise also pocketed about 70 million USD with 12 million USD from his salary for acting and the rest from box office profits.

I feel that Operation Ghost brings a whole new taste when not only stopping at the slow fighting parts but also coming from the humorous element. And especially the “impossible” is also emphasized literally, Ethan is no longer a perfect and flawless spy but also has certain risks, I find this also makes the action scenes become more believable instead of “bending” all the laws of physics as before.

Going through the blockbusters that bring “huge” income for Tom Cruise, The Rope Walker found that most of it comes from the fact that he takes on both roles as an actor and producer for the same movie.

In my opinion, this not only shows that the actor has a talent for acting but also has a sharp mind when he realizes the potential from his films.

And more than that, when taking on two roles as producer and actor at the same time, Tom Cruise will also get an overview. Traditionally, Rope Walker thinks that these two positions have a huge difference when one side only focuses on profits and the other actually stands on the set.

To Tom, these things can be reconciled, and proof of that effective combination are the revenue numbers and positive reviews from professionals to ordinary viewers for movies, no one has any reason to. There’s no reason to criticize Tom’s passionate works.

The case of Tom Cruise also helps the Rope walker realize the versatility of A-list actors in the vast Hollywood film industry, not only dedicating to the roles but also boldly investing. for the movie in which I play. And that is also the reason for the success of Top Gun Maverick and the huge grossing series that I have reviewed above.



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