Touched by the things that make BTS proudest

BTS has proven their great influence with various records. But what really matters to them behind those successes?

In an interview, when asked what fans do that make BTS proudest, Jin replied that many fans have learned Korean and are interested in Korean culture.

“When we go abroad and meet fans, a lot of people say that they have learned Korean so that they can communicate with us when they have a chance to meet in person. When I see fans learning Korean and trying hard. learning about Korean culture, I thought we could introduce Korea to more people and I feel proud of that,” said BTS’ eldest brother.

Meanwhile, Jungkook offers a case that demonstrates the positive influence of BTS. The guy said he interacted with an ARMY and was deeply impressed.
Jungkook said, “Recently I recorded and posted a cover of Lee Hi’s Breathe. I sang this song to comfort myself and our fans and one fan wrote in the comment: I’ll give up everything. today, but instead I’ll try to start over. I’m so happy that I was able to give ARMY strength through such a small act.”

For Jimin, he shared another interesting but equally proud story. “My cousin is a fan of BTS. So my aunt told her that if she works hard and does well in school, I will give her a CD and talk to her over it. phone. She’s been at the top of the whole school since then,” said Jimin.
Indeed, with such a positive influence, BTS can be proud, right, ARMYs!


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