Unprotected at the airport, RM BTS is embarrassed to do aegyo

Despite the lack of protection, RM is still very calm and behaves like a gentleman.

When it comes to the “gentleman” role model in Kpop, BTS leader RM is really at the top. Since his debut in 2013, RM has grown more mature every day and shows his gentleman nature no matter where and with whom.

Recently, the Korean media has reported that RM has returned to the country after a personal schedule.
As soon as he walked through the security door, the world ARMY was quite shocked to see him walking alone, unguarded. Many people think that because this is a personal schedule, HYBE doesn’t think there will be many people waiting at the airport.

Although not as crowded as usual, RM still met more people than he and the company expected. Despite the lack of protection, RM still looks very comfortable. He answered reporters’ questions and smiled at fans.

When leaving the airport terminal, he continued to wave to everyone…

RM even entertained fans with aegyo while waiting to cross the street! Though he looks a bit embarrassed after doing so, he continues to share his love and gratitude with his fans, making humorous comments that make them laugh.

Outside, there were more people waiting for RM, approaching him. However, RM still shows professionalism and manners like a gentleman.
Even when the press shouted at him as he tried to get into the car, RM made sure to say “Thank you” when given the chance.

When he finally settled into his seat, he bowed again and said hello until the door closed a second time.

Once again, netizens admired RM’s attitude. Before that, in April, when returning to the US after the Permission To Dance On Stage concert in Las Vegas, when unreasonably blamed for making everyone wait forever, RM still apologized, said hello and thanked everyone. stop.


Truly the stature of a global superstar!

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