V BTS featured in J-Hope’s ‘More’ MV, heartbroken because of his real-life appearance

From the costumes to the hair, and the story from the actors, ARMYs have plenty of proof of this cameo!

After it was announced that J-Hope would be the first BTS member to solo with the album Jack In The Box, ARMYs have been bombarded with many teasers.

Well, J-Hope doesn’t keep people waiting long. On July 1, he released the MV More, which rocked the internet for good reasons! From the song, the mood and of course, J-Hope’s visuals, are all classics that make everyone wait for the full album.


Oh, it looks like some ARMYs even found out surprisingly interesting, that there’s a BTS member with a cameo in the MV!

Did ARMY find out yet? Closer to this:

Specifically, in the MV, there is a man standing at the table, talking to someone. This people is very same V! There is an comment type is easy easy to be found.

ARMY goes even further with another set of proofs! First, this person wears open-toed sandals without socks…

V is the god of this type of sandals, seen wearing on many occasions…

Even the character’s outfit is similar to what V wears in In the SOOP, especially in the scene with J-Hope.

One netizen even revealed that his nephew participated in the MV filming and saw V coming to make a cameo!
“Actually, my grandson filmed Hoseok’s music video a few months ago. It was a secret so I couldn’t say anything but now I can. But only the back of my head appeared for a second, so funny. I wore modern hanbok with Taehyung and played, then sat down at the table to talk to him. I said Taehyung is great, easy to make friends. But my heart aches because Taehyung is so skinny,” said this netizen.
It’s great that BTS always support each other. Before that, Jin and Jungkook also made cameos in Suga’s Daechwita MV.

It’s so sweet that even in solo activities, BTS is always together!


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