V BTS reveals preparation process for solo album and new project in Vlog

BTS is currently taking a moment to prioritize their solo schedules, and ARMYs couldn’t be happier.

J-Hope was the first member to release a solo album titled Jack In The Box, on July 15.

Talented idols are also making headlines on Lollapalooza, which gives fans more content to look forward to.
Of course, ARMYs were delighted when BTS released V’s long-awaited solo and mixtape, titled KTH1, was no exception.
The male idol repeatedly teased fans by talking about the songs he was working on, only to admit that he deleted them.

“All the songs I uploaded were not on the mixtape, I deleted them after uploading. I apologize in advance, I don’t even remember” – V.
In a recent interview with Weverse magazine, V talked about his solo image, which interviewer Myungseok Kang believes started to develop after V released the Blue & Gray and Christmas Tree OSTs.
I think people have accepted your freelance brand to some extent. The way people view your music has changed after Blue & Gray and Christmas Tree. And I feel like people understand the image you’re trying to portray, considering the specific type of scene on TV that those two songs usually appear in,” Myungseok Kang asked V.

But V believes he hasn’t really decided on a single brand for his music yet, wanting to be able to release different songs before starting to define a direction for his music.
“I’m not sure what people think of my songs because I can’t be there with them. I’ll have to try making more solo songs to find out. I think that way, I can know for sure what’s ahead based on the direction my sound is going.” – V shared.


While fans may be disappointed when V deletes a track he’s working on, the idol’s strict criteria for his music is something V believes will help him live like a proud artist. about his work.
V tries to be objective when listening to his music, not wanting to experience any regrets.

“I feel like I want to be as objective as possible with myself when it comes to the songs I make.
If I feel regret whenever that happens, I’ll become one of those people who just release songs even if they’re not happy with them.
And then I wouldn’t be able to finish an album of my songs the way I envisioned it.” – V.

In a recent vlog, V revealed that he has been struggling with releasing his own music for 4 years but with BTS’ new focus on solo projects, he is diligently learning everything he can. body.
“For the past four years, I have been hesitant and indecisive and now I’m finally doing it, so I want to produce everything when I get the chance and I’m also talking to a lot of directors.
So I’m learning and working hard so that ARMYs can think it’s really high quality.” –V.
Although he is learning everything he can, V admits that his indecision is only enhanced with the different musical styles he wants to try.

ARMYs might want to see the 8 MVs that he had ideas for but for V to achieve a quality he can be proud of, he has to narrow his focus.
“I have a lot of things I want to try. Many things. If I do everything on my list, I have to shoot 8 MVs. I was like ‘What? How did this happen?’. So I narrowed it down.”

V’s goal when producing his first full-length solo album was to make sure that every song was enjoyable and that each song felt like it was on the watch list.
The idol wants to be proud of every single song he releases, so, as he admitted in his Weverse interview, he doesn’t “become one of those people who just release songs even when they don’t. satisfied with them”. And unfortunately, V hasn’t been able to get there yet.

“When I listen to the whole album, it has to be ‘Good, good, good. Oh that’s good. Rub!’. I want that but I always lack that. ‘Why is this song here? Why is this suddenly appearing here?’. I keep changing my watchlist because of it and can’t finish it” –V.
V compares album production to a game of Tetris, where all the pieces have to fit together perfectly to create a spectacular win. It’s all too easy to have a block in a place where it doesn’t belong, which can end up costing you the whole game.

“It was never quite as relevant as the Tetris game. I always say, ‘No, it’s not like that. I ‘don’t want to use this’ and it continues to be incomplete” – V.
However, now V is hard at work on a solo album and he reassured ARMYs by telling them that their wait will be worth it as he plans to show off his many skills by exploring new songs. different music genres.
“This time it’s concept design… I mean, now there’s so much more that I want to show, so I realized that the album doesn’t have to be a genre. I decided to branch out and try new genres that I’ve always wanted to try, so I’m doing a lot of songs.” – V.

Knowing that V is focused on his first solo album, ARMYs can rest assured that the finished product will be well worth the wait.

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