V BTS who just returned to Korea apologized to ARMY and the media at the airport for this reason

Netizens responded positively to the apology. ARMY shared that V BTS doesn’t need to apologize for his behavior at the airport.

The past few days have been extremely hectic for ARMYs as BTS’s V went to Paris to attend CELINE Fashion Week.

Throughout his journey, V has updated ARMYs on everything he has been doing and greeted many fans along the way.

When arriving at the airport to board a private plane, V warmly welcomed fans and showed his true self with his charming aura and ravishing appearance.

After arriving in Paris, V took to Instagram to share photos of the flight and what he did at his hotel, including eating a chocolate Eiffel Tower.

During his time in the capital of light, V continued to update his fans on everything including his private schedule…

And at the CELINE fashion show, V won the hearts of netizens all over the world with his charming personality and outstanding “visual”.

On June 28, V returned to Korea with Blackpink’s Lisa and actor Park Bo Gum.
V still looks handsome but the male idol headed straight for the car without stopping or interacting with the people waiting for him as usual.

Unsurprisingly, although it may not seem like a big deal to many people, the idol is probably extremely tired or has some sort of plan.

But V immediately went to Weverse to let ARMYs know that he is safe and fine. In the first post, V wrote “I have arrived” to confirm that he has returned safely to Korea to reassure fans around the world.

He then apologized to ARMY and the media for not stopping by and that proves how sweet he is.

“Reporters and ARMYs, I apologize for getting on the bus right away. You guys have been waiting a long time, haven’t you? But I brought a gift for you” – V.

Although he was tired, he managed to wave to fans and reporters from the car and then posted an apology for not being able to stay longer with them, who had been waiting for his arrival since. very long time.

After sharing the post, V also posted some pictures of himself at the airport, including some adorable pictures with Park Bo Gum.

Instead of criticizing, netizens have positive reactions for V:
“V is a really sweet person, no one who has met V has ever said anything bad about him, that tells you what a wonderful person he is.”
“V is a genuine person, always respectful and polite to everyone! He greets fans from the window of the car even when he is really tired, he is the sweetest”, “V is always humble” humble and kind, that’s why we love him.”
“He was tired but still waved to the fans and reporters who were there, he had no obligation to apologize. He worked tired, also a human, not a robot.”

When the apology was shared, ARMYs expressed how sweet V is and the fact that he doesn’t need to write a post apologizing to ARMYs and the media.
V chose to do it that shows how much he cares about people, especially when he knows some of them have been waiting for so long.

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