VMAs 2022 nominations: BTS dominates Kpop is obvious, a boy group that debuted 7 years ago unexpectedly competes for the Rookie award

The nomination for the 2022 MTV Music Awards (VMAs) has created many surprises, especially for Kpop fans.

Time to reschedule, another season of VMAs (MTV Music Awards) has returned, making many viewers eagerly look forward to. On the evening of July 26 (Vietnam time), VMAs 2022 announced a list of nominations with many prominent names, but the most surprising ones were representatives from Kpop. Once again, BTS impressed with 4 nominations, BLACKPINK confronts the global boygroup in 1 category, and Taylor Swift impresses with a convincing list of nominations.

BTS “battles” the VMAs with 4 nominations
As a K-pop group that has become a regular guest of international music awards over the years, BTS is no stranger to the VMAs. At this year’s VMAs, BTS was nominated with 4 nomination categories including: Best Kpop (Best K-Pop Artist), Best Metaverse Performance (Best Fantasy Performance), Best Visual Effects (Visual Effects). Best Choreography) and Best Choreography.

BTS and the impressive list of nominations

BLACKPINK – BTS compete for the same category
Although they have not officially returned with a group music product, BLACKPINK has always been a sought-after name. 4 YG girls surprised when they appeared in the nomination list of VMAs with the category of Best Metaverse Performance, the same category with “rivals” BTS. The nominated product this time of BLACKPINK is The Virtual – an AI concert combined with PUBG that is causing a fever these days.

BLACKPINK is nominated for VMAs with just one promotional project

In addition, the youngest Lisa also excellently brought home a nomination with her solo debut LALISA in the category of Best Kpop. Here, Lisa continues to confront BTS to become the best Kpop Artist of the VMAs 2022.

Lisa received a nomination for her debut product LALISA

Taylor Swift and “war horse” All Too Well excellent with 5 nominations
An indispensable name in the award categories of this year’s VMAs is Taylor Swift. After a stormy year 2021 with All Too Well (Taylor’s Version), Taylor Swift’s short film is the heaviest nomination for the prestigious Video Of The Year award.

Taylor Swift’s VMAs Nominees List

In addition to Video of the Year, Taylor Swift also received 4 more nominations of the VMAs: Best Long Video, Best Director, Best Editing and Best Cinematography.

Taylor Swift is expected to sweep the VMAs this year

Seventeen-year-old group Seventeen received Best New Artist nomination
The most surprising to Kpop fans is Seventeen’s Best New Artist nomination. Debuting in 2015, Seventeen is now a 7-year-old group in Korea. However, last year was an explosive year for Seventeen’s international achievements, bringing the group’s path to promoting in the US closer. Therefore, in the international market, Seventeen is still a new name, and it is understandable that the group received the New Artist nomination

Seventeen’s list of 3 nominations at VMAs 2022

TWICE’s first English song is nominated for Best Kpop
Unlike other songs in the same category, TWICE’s “The Feels” received the nomination for Best Kpop as the only English song. With this nomination, TWICE will compete directly with BTS, Lisa (BLACKPINK), Seventeen, Stray Kids and ITZY’s juniors to bring home the Best Kpop Artist award.

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