What do the male idols of BTS think of each other: The god of lies, many mouths…

Besides talent and good looks, BTS’s personality and affection for each other is like a family, which is always noticed by fans.

Here is the answer to the question what BTS think about each other.

1. Jin
RM: He can be a talkative person. He always makes a carefree effort. He’s really comfortable. But he also knows his boundaries and abides by those rules. Sometimes I wonder if he’s really the oldest. He seems quite proud of his cooking. He is so cute!
Jungkook: He’s always very confident. I think he’s been even more confident lately.
J-Hope: He is very organized and takes good care of himself as well as being very detailed and precise. But he seems to have a bit of a temper these days. When he gets mad, he doesn’t see anything else.
V: Anything Jin says is a lie.
Suga: He likes quiet and calm things. He’s great at taking care of himself. He gets the job done in detail.
Jimin: He’s the most timid among us. He seems more like the youngest member than the oldest. He has a really good and deep way of thinking. He tends to overdo his good-looking face.

2. Suga
Jin: He likes to lie in bed. Suga always helps through the various knowledge he has. It’s interesting to see where he gets all this interesting knowledge from.
J-Hope: He’s cool and very consistent. Suga acts like he doesn’t care but really does. He seems clumsy but is actually very detailed.
RM: Suga is really shy and has a lot of random knowledge in his head. Suga is a grandpa and acts like he’s cool but really wants to be loved. Suga loves music, stubborn and passionate. Suga can say whatever he wants in front of anyone. Suga has good style.
V: He has a lot of knowledge. He’s really cool and awesome on stage. However, there was no hope for his slumber.
Jungkook: He’s like a grandpa. But his passion for music is running high. He has a lot of knowledge. But he is still a grandfather.
Jimin: He talks a lot in front of everyone. Suga is unstoppable but it’s also my personal opinion that I think he likes to be liked by the members.

3. RM
J-Hope: He’s really clumsy and careless… he has the kind of personality that makes you feel guilty… RM takes good care of others.
Jin: He seems like a certain character called sseureki (trash) in the Reply series. They need to give money to RM. He’s like that character.
V: If you take away his music, his personality is like the character in Reply 1994.
Suga: He’s really careful when he does something. He cares a lot about what other people think.
Jungkook: RM is a genius but also a fool. But he’s still smart. He likes to destroy things. He’s good at music.
Jimin: Most of what the other members say is true. He’s shy, clumsy, and his mood changes depending on how he’s feeling that day. He is very careful and always takes care of the members.

4. J-Hope
Jin: His hopeful and bright image is not only a concept but also his real personality. Whoever is with him is always happy. You can’t help but laugh even if it’s something ridiculous.
V: I like to joke that his happy image is a concept. I annoy him every day. But it is true that his personality is bright and positive. There is no answer for this hyung.
RM: He likes to test water before doing anything. Sometimes I wonder if J-Hope has a subjective way of thinking. He’s not so cheerful and bright sometimes. But it was he and Jin who helped me stand my ground. He is always true to his word.
Jungkook: He likes to play hard to get. He is hopeful and happy but sometimes he is dark. But I’m glad he’s still bright.
Suga: She has the ability to make the people around her happy. J-Hope has a lot of people around him. There isn’t anything bad about her and has a gentle personality.
Jimin: He likes to joke around and annoy the younger members, is the brightest and funniest member of the group but is also quite shy.

5. V
Jin: He looks weird and like it’s a concept. He always asks before doing something. He is very meticulous.
J-Hope: V makes you wonder a lot. There is no answer to his personality.
RM: Hmm, V has nothing to say….
Jungkook: He’s my hyung but I don’t know what to say.
Suga: He seems a bit childish for his age. He doesn’t care what other people think of him.
Jimin: He doesn’t care what others think of him and is open to speaking honestly about everything. He has a bright personality and sometimes doesn’t understand what’s going on. He loves to joke and play around. He is bright.

6. Jimin
Jin: Jimin is cute but also likes to push boundaries. It feels like a puppy trying to cross the street. He can’t refuse favors because he’s too good.
RM: Jimin is shy, kind and respectful of others. He’s really not as shy as you might think, likes clothes and style, is good at answering but not good at actually putting it into action. Jimin can be stubborn at times, really putting a lot of effort into what he does.
Suga: He listens to his hyungs a lot. Jimin is not someone you can hate. He really tries a lot to live well.
J-Hope: Jimin is kind and listens to his hyungs. He has a lot of greed and always finishes what he starts. He is also the one who listens to me the most and has a really good personality.
Jungkook: He really puts in a lot of effort and is a very shy person with blood type A. But he is also stubborn and doesn’t like to lose.
V: He’s cute and has a bit of a temper. Jimin is a reliable and loyal friend. I talk to him the most and talk about anything.

7. Jungkook
RM: He has his own opinion and doesn’t share the same clothes. Jungkook also washes his own clothes, tends to be the shy maknae, tries to act manly but is really cute. His passion is strong but short-lived. Jungkook is a bit rebellious but very cute.
J-Hope: He’s a maknae that doesn’t listen. Jungkook has a good personality.
V: Honestly, Jungkook is just like me. No answer.
Suga: Jungkook is still a bit childish because he’s the youngest.
Jimin: Jungkook is kind and pure but not too good at expressing his emotions. That’s why he’s cute. Jungkook is mine.

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