What will BTS boys look like in real life from Simon Pegg’s point of view?

British actor, writer and producer Simon Pegg is one of the “crazy” ARMYs of BTS.

He is also a co-founder of Stolen Picture but is perhaps best known for his roles in popular series like Star Trek and Mission Impossible and hit classics like Shaun. of the Dead.

BTS, BTS ngoài đời, Simon Pegg, V BTS, Jungkook, Suga, Jin, RM BTS, Tin bts
Simon Pegg at the “Star Trek Beyond” premiere

After regularly sharing her love for BTS with her daughter Matilda (also known as Tilly), Pegg and his family finally got to see BTS in person.
The Peggs flew to Las Vegas to see BTS’ Permission To Dance On Stage concert.

BTS, BTS ngoài đời, Simon Pegg, V BTS, Jungkook, Suga, Jin, RM BTS, Tin bts
Simon Pegg’s family took a photo with BTS

So when Pegg hosted an Instagram live broadcast recently, most of the comments were curious to hear about his family’s experience. ARMYs especially want to know what it’s like to meet BTS

.Simon Pegg asked Tilly which member surprised her the most “in real life”. After a moment of hesitation, the little girl replied “it all amazes me and turns to stone” when she sees them. However, because Suga is Tilly’s bias, she especially remembers to say hello to him.

“They are really tall, very tall!” Tilly Pegg said admiringly.
As for Simon, he recalled two very memorable moments with Jimin and V. When he called Jimin by the nickname “Baby Mochi”, he laughed.

Pegg also had some fun with V. At first, they all wore masks. So when they took them off, V turned to face Simon.
“V makes me laugh. He made a funny face at me,” said Simon Pegg.
We can totally imagine V doing this.

For most of the meeting, Simon chatted with RM. The leader of BTS is familiar with some of his films.
“I mostly talk to RM because his English is very good, and RM has seen Baby Driver before, so I know RM knows us very well as filmmakers. So yeah, we had a nice chat.” – Pegg

The concert was also a wonderful experience for the Pegg family. Tilly even shared some videos and pictures of her.
“The BTS performance was fun. It’s breathtaking…” – Simon Pegg

\Of course, everyone wants to know how Pegg feels for each of the boys in BTS. And his reaction was too easy to understand.

“It changes from day to day. I’m having a J-Hope day today,” said Simon Pegg.

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