Without BTS, Jin Feels Shy When Going To Watch ‘Emergency Declaration’

All timid people must have sympathized with this expression of Jin.

Jin BTS stole the hearts of many people when appearing at the premiere of the movie “Emergency Declaration”. Not only showing off his beautiful appearance, he also made netizens fall in love with an introverted, shy expression. Despite being a superstar, he stepped out on the red carpet full of confidence, but right before that, he looked very shy!


See how cool and confident he walks…

…but this little expression says it all!

This is clearly the mood of an introvert! With the INTP personality type, Jin prefers to stay at home than anywhere: “Even if I die, bury me at home”.

Although he is used to the limelight, it seems that walking alone is still a whole new adventure for him! Check out his awkward pose as he leaves the stage.

Netizens try to cheer up the shy Jin:
– The baby is worried. Good job!
– From the moment I saw the shirt, I saw Seokjin like a chick. Why is it so cute!
– And that’s the same person who sang at those stadium tours!

It’s exciting to see Jin overcome shyness to confidently stand on stage!

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